Friday, 17 December 2010

Playing Games

Risking your life is like extreme sport, like base jumping,
when you release your parachute at the very last second,
just before you crash and die.
You take the risk, you crave the risk, it’s exciting.

The power of whether you live or die is in your hands.
For a moment you’re your own God.
You push it, you want to get to the ground as close as you can get.
The scent of fear is merely the oxygen that feeds your cravings.
Inhale, exhale, again and again.

Playing games with Death, eye to eye.
There’s no point in choosing a weaker opponent if you can face the master
and playing games is only worth your while
if the stakes are set high.

You’ve won countless battles but you know that one day he’ll catch you.
You shall loose with pride whenever that will be.
Celebrate another victory tomorrow, if you wake up.
Touch wood and release the parachute.

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