Sunday, 24 October 2010

The past doesn't matter if the presence is sweet.. And the presence is sweet indeed..

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Men aren't as simple as you think they are.. To me, they speak a foreign language I cannot understand nor will I ever be able to learn it.. Women on the other hand are easy to understand just high maintenance to deal with..

Monday, 18 October 2010

If tomorrow isn't a given..

Let's imagine that tomorrow isn't a given, which it really isn't; I wonder what are we waiting for? If happiness lies within the little moments; why miss them? If love is something we've got plenty to give; why give it out only in small doses? If laughter makes us happy; why not crack a joke right now? If risks are something that make life interesting; why be scared to risk something that doesn't last forever anyway?  Seize the day, live for the moment, regret nothing.. If tomorrow isn't a given; why be scared to live for today? And don't be worried to loose yourself as fear will always keep us grounded..

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I guess it's called "growing up"..

I thought that I was living my life to the max, I thought I felt alive and I thought I couldn’t do it any better..
But then I woke up one day, not from a dream after I had slept..
No, I woke up as if something had smacked me in the face while I was already awake..
I realised that all these years of “living my life” were wasted and gone..
Yes I had fun and yes I’ve experienced things that for some would only happen in their wildest imagination..
But I got too distracted and forgot who I am in this whole process because I was too busy to consume and be consumed..
It seems like as if my "Future Me" travelled back in time to get my Alive tattoo done just so that two years later I would question whether I’m really doing this thing called life correctly or how I truly intended for it to be like ->
Feeling Alive rather than just be content with the given task of existing…
I was na├»ve to think that the pages of my book were full and colourful but in reality they’re still blank apart from the first page and this silly page looks worn out and is merely a repetition of the same mistakes and foolishness..
I guess it’s called "growing up"..