Sunday, 26 December 2010

One cannot grow if only provided with nice as approval may be.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Panic Attacks

Sometimes I get scared so much that I want to crawl out of my own skin as it gets so tight and tense, strangling me, slowly tearing and ripping as if it peeled off my body.

I’d curl up on the floor, somewhere in a corner and scream my guts out due to the pain caused by my skin being ripped open.

I’d cover my ears and I’d shut my eyes for every noise becomes the sound of pure evil and hatred, for everyone turns into monsters. I’d see monsters filled with aggression and anger everywhere.

It’s the purest form of fear. So pure and intense that one could touch it. But the friction would kill you immediately, if you came in contact with it. Sudden death!

If you ever get to see me in this state, do not make me look at you as I don’t want for your face to turn into the one of an aggressive monster before my eyes.

If you ever get to see me in this state, do not talk to me as your voice would turn into the voice of all evil in my ears.

If you ever get to see me in this state, do not move me as you would cause for my skin to break.

If you ever get to see me in this state, do hold me tight until I tell you that I’m okay again.
I'm not crazy.. I just think outside the box most of the time...

I'm my own Religion

I'm my own religion. I follow my own commandments. I believe in being good and cause no harm but I will not fill in the blanks for you as I'm no evangelist. My believes are no truer than yours for my questions are also unanswered just like yours. Only when I meet Death will I know whether I was right. There's no Heaven or Hell in my world as I can't frighten myself with punishment, as I can't fail to obey my own rules. My rules are set. I'm my own religion.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My life is merely fiction. It would scare the living shit out of me if you told me that it is reality!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Playing Games

Risking your life is like extreme sport, like base jumping,
when you release your parachute at the very last second,
just before you crash and die.
You take the risk, you crave the risk, it’s exciting.

The power of whether you live or die is in your hands.
For a moment you’re your own God.
You push it, you want to get to the ground as close as you can get.
The scent of fear is merely the oxygen that feeds your cravings.
Inhale, exhale, again and again.

Playing games with Death, eye to eye.
There’s no point in choosing a weaker opponent if you can face the master
and playing games is only worth your while
if the stakes are set high.

You’ve won countless battles but you know that one day he’ll catch you.
You shall loose with pride whenever that will be.
Celebrate another victory tomorrow, if you wake up.
Touch wood and release the parachute.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Meet me every time as if you were to leave your first impression, treat me as if it was the last time you were going to spend time with me knowing that tomorrow I would leave the face of this planet and be gone for good and the last word spoken or unspoken would be the last one for me to keep and remember. Whether I am a stranger, your friend or anyone who crosses your path; as I will treat you with the same respect.