Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bold Rambling

We are scared of the things we do not understand and we make those things our enemy because the fear of finding just the slightest comparison to us and them is so intense that we live a life pretending we’ve never encountered such new knowledge. We ridicule whatever bears more depth than we can handle. Losing oneself in this depth is losing it all to something that has no ground, no limit, no reason. We find ourselves lose sanity and this is the reason why we hold on to all the concepts we understand and we find truth in things that bear no meaning.
But if one has been challenged to see what matters and that a shallow life is nothing that holds any truth, then one must be lost to the depth that seems truer than anything we have ever touched or felt. In this depth we find ourselves to be in solitude as there is no common ground with anyone who surrounds us. The words that we speak are so deep that the sound of them is only recognised as a foreign language. So we speak in the same tongue, go along with the portrayed sham and are excited by foolishness just to escape loneliness. We feel the need to be accepted, to belong but we slip sometimes as we are ridiculed by our own behaviour, trying to conform.
The mass, the majority, the norm, morals, expectations, believes. Rules set to blindly follow and trust but the ones who see know not to trust but to question everything. But those who question are an inconvenience and must be silenced as questions may reveal faults in the system. If they cannot be silenced, they are ridiculed, labelled insane and unworthy of speech even if their hearts are purer than gold. Their hearts do not matter. But those who see know that one’s heart is the treasure of one’s soul. Those who question must therefore guard their hearts as it is the most precious but fragile possession that we have and although fragile, it is the only object we own to shield ourselves.
The lucky ones are those who blindly trust and follow for they will never be ridiculed but encouraged to give in to the game of life and strive to consume from its rich plate. The ones who see, the ones who question, the ones who have no use for such plate, have merely the choice to conform, somewhere between sanity and insanity.

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