Sunday, 18 April 2010

Apple Tree

Once upon a time a little baby girl was born, to what seemed, save the face of her own family as infidelity tainted their reputation, their bond, their promise to stay together.

To welcome this little girl to this planet, an apple tree was planted. This in many eyes would merely seem like an ordinary tradition but in reality the apple tree served as a clever distraction of the current events.

Time passed and the beautiful family life her parents managed to keep up fooling themselves and everyone around them, didn't seem to last as long as they had hoped for.
Just like it could happen at a theatrical performance, the scenery they've built and worked on so hard suddenly collapsed.

What the girl was meant to save, could in fact have never been saved. Her presence wasn't of use any longer. She soon learned to feel the hand of reality, the dark side, the unpleasant, done nothing blamed for everything, her innocence taken away too early, of no use or worth, just there, locked up, just existing.

As the girl grew older, her apple tree did too and one day, as apple trees do, grew apples but not a single one was edible. Instead of sweet, juicy and big apples, her apple tree grew them small and already rotten brown. Unexplainable to everyone but it didn't cause much furore either. It was what it was, maybe not even a big surprise, maybe even predictable.

There was nothing wrong with the tree; after all, no one ever said that if we plant an apple tree we should expect the sweet, juicy and big apples. In fact we're merely taking responsibility to look after a tree once we've planted it.

As I've mentioned, there was nothing wrong with the tree, it only represented the true face of reality, the dark and unpleasant but yet not less reality. As harsh as it might seem, in reality lies beauty, each rotten fruit was a piece of truth unveiled.

Unfortunately, society couldn't bare to look at an apple tree that wouldn't represent the false image of perfection, beauty, "the norm" and whatever measures they've set themselves to believe that the apple tree wasn't worth growing any more. Of course it had to be removed, it might ruin the scenery they have worked on so hard. Instead they overbuilt the land.

The girl learned that society doesn't find reality pleasant, she learned that they will try to overbuild and cover up everything that doesn't measure up to their agenda.

She also learned to love the beauty of reality, she learned to appreciate it and to be grateful for it. And as long as she'll live she'll uncover a piece of truth with every word she says. Only few will understand, the majority will despise her for they do not want to see reality as they are too fragile to deal with it, too dumb to understand it, too comfortable to bare it, too blind to see how beautiful it really is!

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