Monday, 15 February 2010

The Sign (Experiencing Switzerland)

You see, there's this sign I seem to carry with me right above my head.. It's quite loud even though it doesn't make any noise.. It implies that I'm gay, well that's what it's supposed to say..

To some it's dirty, like it needs a good wash and it may scream punk, therefore bum, due to my dress-sense and there's an immediate effect of disrespect, into my face disrespect that could not be mistaken for anything else.. These people will hold on tight to their handbags, would not dare to sit next to me on public transport, literally stop conversation and stare when I walk past or when I enter a pub..
This merely makes me smile while I shake my head in disbelieve..

Others look at the sign and see porn; I would use another word but it describes exactly what they see.. In this case my sign seems to scream filth in a very sexual manner and this, somehow, apparently allows these people to treat me like a cheap piece of meat.. They make my ears bleed with their disgusting comments and think that they're welcome to touch as if I had invited them to.. The reactions differ from male to male and female to female.. Some just look at me as if I was the abomination of the nation..

Amongst gay people, my sign seems to look really pretty, not too loud either, just loud enough to state the obvious.. My sign seems to fit in perfectly and I don't seem to feel the weight of it, it's just floating there not bothering anyone..

And so everyone has their sign to carry and to every individual your sign looks different.. Some are scared of it, some don't get bothered by it.. Whether your sign has to do with your skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, dress-sense and so forth.. Some can hide their sign, some can't, some don't want to have to hide it..

All I know is, it's important for me to carry mine.. It's important for me TO BE and it's important for others to see.. And no matter how heavy, uncomfortable and loud it gets at times, I will carry it with pride for myself and everyone who isn't strong enough to carry their own..

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